"Not always eloquent and sometimes even crude and earthy in speech, George evolved into a great community galvanizer, effective educator and passionate coach who thought nothing of plunging headfirst into action for the sake of so many who needed a temporary boost, encouraging words or even a place to stay. Ironically, while helping wrestlers to often pin their opponents while being a major driving force for the blue-collar, blue-and-gold clad Hurricane state championship matmen, he also taught and inspired other athletes, kids of all ages and adults to get off the mat to achieve something in life and not get pinned down by family and personal difficulties, drugs and other obstacles. Of course, we already miss him. But fortunately he has already injected so much hope and optimism into so many lives. So is there any doubt his unselfish gestures, kind and soothing words, uplifting messages, and yes, even brutally honest criticism and tough love and demanding teaching techniques will continue to go viral in Warwick and any other community through the lives of those he touched, positively infected and even electrified."

                                                                                                         -Russ Waterman
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 George Schmeider Memorial                Park Project 2013

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On December 3rd, 2012 the Oakland Beach Community lost one of its most valuable members, George E. Schmeider Sr. Nothing made George made George more proud then being born and raised in O.B. George gave back to his community by coaching and mentoring at Warwick Veterans Memorial High School and Gorton Jr High where George taught Health.

Something George always wanted was to see the Oakland Beach baseketball court/playground repaired.  Fulfilling Georges dream the community is coming together to transform the basketball court and playground into something our youth can be proud of in Georges honor.

On June 29, 2013 at 10am there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony held at the G.S.M.P  location  located at 830 Oakland Beach Ave  Warwick, RI 02889. Please come and support the festivities. Thank you again for all your support.